Shipping Policy

How can I confirm if my order has been affirmed?

As soon as your order has been entered into logs and payment has been authorized, the vendors will affirm the order receipt and they will begin working on it.

You will get an email confirming your order details as soon as vendor gets the information and he also affirms about the same. In that following email you will given a singular OrderID (for example: BW123456), the list of the item(s) ordered and by what the time period you can expect your order to be delivered

You will be beforehand informed about the shipment of your order. Shipment details will be given with your unique OrderID and tracking digits

How can I purchase an item which is currently ‘out of stock’?

Regrettably, the items that are currently out of stock will not be available for sell. Kindly utilize “notify me” button/feature, which will help you to be notified as soon as the item is available with vendors on Mentorsadda.


Do I need to have an account on Mentorsadda for shopping?

Yep, it is suggested to have your own account on the website. You should form your account and by thence you can savor a individualized shopping feel, also including suggestions, fast checkout procedure and a personal wishlist. You will also be able to rate and review the items and the vendors according to your choice.

What do we understand by Cash on Delivery?

If the customer is not satisfied by making a payment online on Mentorsadda, they can always opt for option Cash on Delivery (COD) Mode. Using COD, they can pay the sum amount at the time of receiving the order at their doorway waiving off any form of online payment. The maximum limit for ordering COD is ₹50,000. The customers are requested to pay via cash only in COD.  You can not use foreign currency to make COD payment. Only valid Indian currency will be accepted.

How can I make a purchase on Cash on Delivery (COD)?

The products that are available of Cash on Delivery have an icon of ‘Cash on Delivery’. You can add the item(s) in your Mentorsadda cart and then continue for checkout. You may select the payment option as COD by clicking on “Pay by Cash on Delivery”. Enter the text available as CAPTCHA for verification.

Once order is affirmed, you can carry on to shipment time and date. Then you will asked to make a only cash payment to the courier person at the delivery time to complete the process of payment.

Terms and conditions:

  • The order limit could be maximal to ₹50,000.

  • At the time of delivery you are requested for cash only.

Status of your Order

How can I find out the status of my purchase order at any time?

The customer can see their order status and other information regarding their order status. They can also view their information in “my account” section.

When you visit the “my account” section page, you can click on my orders link to see the status of your orders. To see the status of a particular order, click on “order no” button.

What is understood by different order status?

Pending authorization pending: your order has been entered into log and we are awaiting for authorization from the gateway of payment.

Authorized/ under processing: we have received the authorization from the gateway of payment and we have marched off your order.

Shipped: your order has been sent by vendors and is on its way.

Cancelled: the order has been cancelled.

If I have to cancel my order, how and when can I do that?

The customers can cancel their order any time before they reach to ship status. And if you want to cancel, kindly contact the website with the order details.

Shipping process 
  • for orders from 0 to 1kg set shipping cost to Rs.50.00

What would be the delivery charges on Mentorsadda?

The Higher the Weight, the more your carrier charges for your delivery. That's why Mentorsadda need to configure shipping cost per weight.

For example, Mentorsadda seller, mostly charges Rs. 50 for order from 0 to 1 kg.

Sometimes sellers have few hidden charges like sales or duty taxes on their items, does Mentorsadda also have any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. There are no hidden costs on the items available for purchase on Mentorsadda. The prices displayed on the website are final prices. You are ought to pay the price you see on the product page. Also, delivery charges are displayed on the website, if charged, by any seller depending upon the amount of the order.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Vendors usually arrange the order and send the items ordered within the prespecified time given on the product page. But the working days exclude the national holidays and Sundays. The delivery time is also influenced by some factors like who is the vendor, the availability of the product and most importantly the place where the order has to be delivered as per how far is the place from the vendor’s location.

There are items available as following:

“Available/in stock”

If the product is available/in stock, the vendors mention the time of delivery according to the customer’s location, i.e. usually 2-3 business days or maximal to 7-10 business days. If the customer’s location is not in easy reach areas, the order is registered post by vendors which might take 1-2 weeks betting on the location. If the product page is saying available but not currently in stock; such products can be made accessible when the customers place an order for the purchase.


Some items can be pre-booked which are about to be released soon in the market. The products will be booked as an order for the customer and will be shipped as soon as it releases. You can be among the few one to get that product first in your surroundings. The product will reach the customer within 2-6 business days.

“Back in stock/soon to be in stock”

The items which are famous and needed frequently among the customers generally are sold out soon, thence leaving the product out of stock. If the customer needs that product, they can book an order for the product and Mentorsadda will try to make it available and ship it in predefined time for the customers.

“Unavailable temporary”

The product you wish to order is not available right now with the vendors, but the product could be soon re stocked and available for purchase.

“Not in stock”

The product is not available with the vendors and you can’t buy the product. For such products, you can use “notify me” feature; in order to get the product as soon as it gets available with the vendors.

As Mentorsadda says the delivery time varies from vendors and product and location? Why?

Yes, the delivery time for products you want to purchase varies depending upon the sellers. The product availability also plays an important role in deciding the time of delivery. Along with this, the location of the seller, the customer’s destination, and the courier service providers; altogether determine the delivery timelines.

To help the customer know the time when they might receive the order, they need to provide us the pin code of their area. Thus helping us deducing the precise timeline for their product delivery and this time will be displayed on their product page as soon they provide us with their pin codes.

You need not to submit your pin code every time. Once added pin code will be saved by the website for that account.

How come the delivery date of the product does not couple with the chronology given on the website’s product page?

The public holidays and Sundays are not to be counted as business days. The timeline mentioned on the product page says about the approximate timeline of business days. Hence, we tote up the days/dates excluding the holidays on the product page.

Why can’t I receive order in my area?

It could be possible because of following reasons:

  • Your location is not suitable for the seller to ship the products.

  • There might be legal boundary of delivery of that product in your region.

  • There might not be any genial courier service in your region.

Sometimes vendors are not comfortable in shipping in such regions and this is dependent on their free will entirely.

How can I set up pick up for an order I wish to return?

For the ease of customers, we have made return communication quite simple. You will receive a call from the executive of Mentorsadda. They will guide you through the process of the return once you put the request of return with the website.

The courier service employed by us will pick up the package from your place. If by any chance, we are unable to arrange any courier service, you can send the package by other services too. The cost happens in the return of the product will be incurred by Mentorsadda.

Courier service

What is the procedure of delivery?

Reputed and genial courier services have been employed by Mentorsadda for the delivery process. When vendors will ship your product, you will be timely informed by the courier person about your shipment and you will be provided with a tracking number. With the help of tracking number, you can track and check the status of your order any time from courier service website and your Mentorsadda account, respectively.

At the time of ordering the product; to be precise at the checkout time, you will be asked to provide your area pin code number where you wish to deliver the product. This information will be recorded with us assuring the delivery of your purchase via seller.

For the electronics product, we will provide insurance against theft or damage while transportation.

Can you tell me about Mentorsadda packaging process?

We have ensured the sellers to provide waterproof plastic sheet to be used for wrapping the items being purchased on Mentorsadda. For fragile items like electronics or pen cases, seller will bubble wrap the product to ensure its safety. All the sellers will follow the standard instructions for wrapping. We have prompted sellers on providing adept packaging quality as it influences the overall rating of the seller. You can rate the seller on their packaging caliber.

Does Mentorsadda provide insurance to product while they are in transportation?

Only electronics items are insured against theft or damage while transportation.

If I wish to track my order, how can I do that?

We have hired reputed and genial courier services for the delivery process. You will be provided a tracking number or ID by the respective courier services. You can use this number or ID to get information about your package either from their website or their contact numbers provided on the respective courier service providers.