About us

Mentors Adda was started with the aim of providing the best-quality education, training and guidance to those who are willing to go the extra mile to turn their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality. Mentors Adda, standing true to its name, is the hub of the best mentors available in the country to guide the aspirants and visionaries in the field of entrepreneurship. Mentors Adda conducts extensive workshops for the aspirants on entrepreneurship, providing them with the best of guidance, courses and help to study and excel in this field and be a prominent partner in the development of the nation.

Our Vision

Mentors Adda has a clear vision of being the best and the most trustworthy brand in the field of education and training. Mentors Adda aims to turn this vision into a fruitful and successful reality via the best-quality resources it possesses that it aims to dedicate into the training and education of the bright and aspiring minds of the country that will be the future star-entrepreneurs and play a significant role in the progress of the nation.

Our Mission

Mentors Adda was started in the year with the mission of providing the aspiring entrepreneurs of the country with the best of education and guidance in this challenging field to transform them into the best and the most impactful entrepreneurs of the country. Mentors Adda is moving ahead relentlessly and tirelessly on the path of giving the nation its best entrepreneurs by putting into use its best-quality study material, courses and the teachers who are the best brains working in this country in this field. Mentors Adda has a mission of creating the best-quality entrepreneurs who can create numerous high-quality jobs in these hard times of jobs scarcity for the youth of the nation, thus solving multiple necessary and massive problems at once and contributing significantly in the well-being of the people as well as the nation.

Our Mentors

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